March 6, 2019 | Antonio and Jasmin Bradley

This easy-to-follow For Sale By Owner (FSBO) script will help realtors get appointments with by-owner sellers.  This script is very natural without resistance, forcing a closing, or being pushy. In this article, this video, Antonio and Jasmin Bradley demonstrate how to facilitate an organic conversation and calmly handle natural objections from a seller.

Why is it important to have a script whenever your contract for sale by owners?

It's just like any other job. If you go to the doctor, the doctor follows a script or checklist. It's the same thing in real estate. If you're going to make phone calls, you need to know upfront what are you going to say to help the client. Because clients are going to have objections that they think are right and as the professionals, we need to be able to let them know that, "Hey, your way of thinking may sound right, but here's another way of getting over this hump and actually either getting your property sold or helping you find the right property."

So let's get started!

Realtor: Hello. Hey, I'm looking for the owner of the home for sale.

Seller: This is she.

Realtor: Hi, this is Antonio with Keller Williams Real Estate. I noticed you had a home on the market for sale and as an area expert, I like to know about all the homes that are for sale on the market for the buyers that my team and I are currently working with. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your property?

Seller: Um, look, I don't have that much time right now, but please make it quick.

Realtor: Got it, great! I will definitely make it quick. And now, what was your name?

Seller: Jasmin.

Realtor: Thank you! So Jasmin, I do see online your house has four bedrooms, three baths and it is 2,500 square feet. Is this information correct?

Seller: Yes, it is.

Realtor: Awesome. Thank you for verifying. Now would you say that the rooms in your home are a decent size?

Seller: Yeah, they're a pretty good size.

Realtor: Okay, great. What about the master bedroom? Is there a owners bath and a walk-in closet?

Seller: There is a great master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

Realtor: Okay, okay. Well, another thing buyers are going to want to know that's important to them is have you done any upgrades in the bathroom or in the kitchen since you've lived in the home?

Seller: We updated the flooring in the kitchen and some of the hardware on the cabinets. But the bathroom was pretty much original.

Realtor: Okay. So the bathroom's original. And you did a few upgrades in the kitchen?

Seller: Yes.

Realtor: Cabinets, countertops, hardwood floors?

Seller: Besides updating the door knobs and the hardware in the kitchen, I haven't done anything else.

Realtor: Okay. Excellent. Now, Jasmin, is there anything else important about the home that you feel I should know as a professional real estate agent?

Seller: Well just that we updated the roof.

Realtor: Now that's important. Excellent! Yeah, that's really good to know.

Seller: Yeah, and we did a deck in the back for the children to play. This is a great house and then my neighbor had a similar house that sold for a little bit less than I want to sell mine. So I should be able to get my full price.

Realtor: Oh, okay. Great. So you're very confident you'll get the full price that you're asking for. The market is definitely on fire right now. Most of the homes that are going on the market that are priced correctly, they're selling pretty quickly. So you might be right in there. Now, I did hear you say that you upgraded the roof? How long ago did you guys replace the roof?

Seller: Just two years old.

Realtor: Wow. That is great. And you said you updated the deck?

Seller: Yes, it's a great deck. We updated it within about the same time frame - maybe 1.5-2 years old.

Realtor: Awesome. What about the HVAC system and the hot water heater? What are the ages on those if you can recall?

Seller: I would say that the HVAC is about 9 years old and then the hot water heater, I'm not sure.

Realtor: All right, great. Thank you for giving that some thought. Well, you know, Jasmin, it sounds like you have a really great home. I'm curious, why are you selling?

Seller: Well, all of my children left the house.

Realtor: Oh, okay. So you're an empty nester now?

Seller: Yes, empty nesters. So now I have a house that's too big now? So I'm thinking about moving into a two bedroom, two bath condo or something like that.

Realtor: Excellent. So you guys are actually going to be downgrading?

Seller: Yes.

Realtor: Okay, good. Have you decided on the next area that you're going to be looking to buy in?

Seller: I think I'm just going to move to California.

Realtor: California? That's exciting. What's going to be taking you guys to California?

Seller: Beautiful beach.

Realtor: What about the beaches over here in Charleston or the beaches in Florida?

Seller: I might consider moving there too. It's kind of up in the air.

Realtor: Excellent. So, when you do sell this home, you're looking to move to California, right? Downgrade to a two bedroom apartment or house or whatever it may be.

Seller: Right.

Realtor: What's your time-frame for actually selling this home and moving to California?

Seller: You know, I want to be done in about six months. If this house sells, I'm going to give it like three months. And I should be able to be there, whether we decide to move to California or Florida or Charleston. I want it to be six months.

Realtor: Six months. Excellent. So you want to move in six months. Do you have to sell this home before you buy the next house?

Seller: I don't really have to. We have money in retirement. But I would like to. I don't feel like dealing with any tenants or anything like that. I want to sell this house.

Realtor: Okay. So there's no plan B as far as renting the property out. You certainly want to sell this home and get moved to California. Right?

Seller: Yes.

Realtor: Excellent. That's great. I see you have this home listed for $275,000. I'm curious, Jasmin, how did you come up with that price point?

Seller: Well, like I was telling you earlier, my neighbor sold their house, for $270,000. And I feel like my house is better, so I should be able to sell mine for $275,000.

Realtor: Got it. You know, we all feel like that when we sell our property. We put a lot into it and we spend time in it over the years with our family. So I really appreciate the fact that you care so much about your house and the value of your home. So at $275,000 are you willing to budge at all on that price or is that strict price?

Seller: No, that's my price, Antonio.

Realtor: Okay. Well, I do see that you have it listed on Zillow. Great job there. You've got decent looking pictures up. I'm curious, is there anything else that you are doing to market this home to put it in front of the buyers that are in the market today?

Seller: I mean, this is what you guys do, right? All you do is put it on Zillow and put it on MLS. I'm doing that.

Realtor: Oh no, that's not all that we do. We do a lot more. I and my team do a lot more for marketing your home. What it took in the past to sell a home, has changed. You actually have to do a lot of different things in today's market in order to get a property to move fast and for top dollar. I will be glad to share that with you. And if I did, I could stop by today at 3 or 4 o'clock to show you what we do to get properties sold.

Seller: Well, I mean I just put it up for sale by owner. It's been two weeks. I feel like we were getting a lot of phone calls. I mean you called me. So, I think we will try it on our own for a little bit longer before we start interviewing agents.

Realtor: Okay. I understand. I appreciate you being honest with me. And let's face it, at the end of the day, if you could save the commission and sell the property on your own, it just means more money in your pocket. Right?

Seller: Right.

Realtor: Absolutely. Now, if I was in your same situation, I'd be thinking the same thing. I want to make as much money when we close on this house because you're going to want to use some of that money to move, especially since it's very expensive to live in California. So hypothetically speaking, Jasmin, if I could show you a plan that will cause your home to sale rather than sit within the next 30 days, get you the amount of money that you're looking for with commissions added into it so that you can be off to California within those six months, could I earn 15 minutes of your time to see if we could possibly make that happen for you?

Seller: So you think you have a plan where you sell my house and I still make the same amount of money as me not using an agent?

Antonio: We've certainly done it tons and tons of time before in the past, and I would love to sit with you to see if we can make that same plan happen for you. Get the property sold, get you and your family out to California so you don't have any worries and we'd take care of all of the work for you. Would today at 3 or 5 PM work better for you?

Seller: You certainly have my attention, Antonio. Let's try 5:00 PM.

Realtor: 5:00 PM all right, great. So, Jasmin I will see you today at 5:00 PM. Lastly, I will need an email address so that I can promise you that that meeting would last within 15 minutes. Okay?

Seller: Okay, sounds good.

Realtor: What's your email address?


Realtor: Alright, I'll have that to you by the end of the day and I look forward to meeting you.

Seller: Sounds good. I'm just giving you 15 minutes though. Don't come over here any longer than that.

Realtor: 15 minutes. I'll see you today.

Seller: Alright, bye!

That's it! That's all you have to do.

How to get better at scripts:

Write it out at least 10x.

Break it down into steps by memorizing the questions that you need to ask. So as you are talking to the client, you're not thinking and trying to recapture these words, what you should say next, or word vomiting on the phone. You definitely don't want to do that.

We hope this FSBO script will help you facilitate your next conversation with a by-owner seller and land your next appointment! Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch the full video! If you're constantly on the go, you can listen to our weekly podcast through Spotify,  iTunes, and Google Play Music.


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