March 12, 2019 | Antonio Bradley
Are you currently renting and you've had thoughts of owning your own home or purchasing a home in the near future?

Have you ever had thoughts of selling your property and you're wishing to get the equity out of it by either downsizing or upgrading?

Have you had the opportunity to try and get pre-approved for buying a home, but yet you've stood on the edge for getting a pre-qualification letter?

On the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the rates have dropped to an all-time 12-month low. What does that mean for you? If you're renting the property out and you had thoughts of buying, you now may be able to get qualified and actually pay less than you would have 9 months ago on a new mortgage.

If you've had thoughts of selling your property within the last 9 months, however, you had concerns about the softening market, now is your opportunity to capitalize on a lot of the buyers we anticipate are going to float our market in the upcoming spring and summer market. If you've had thoughts of buying and you attempted to get pre-qualified yet you're on the edge and you had to wait a couple of months, now might be the great time to go back to your lender. Ask them to pull your credit again to see if you actually qualify due to the lower interest rates that we have. So, that debt to net ratio might be able to past through.

We hope this interest rates update gives you a clear idea of where the market is heading this upcoming season! Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch more real estate updates like this! If you're constantly on the go, you can listen to our weekly podcast through Spotify,  iTunes, and Google Play Music.


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