November 20, 2018 | Antonio Bradley

This week we're sharing with you the top 4 mistakes home sellers make! If not avoided, these pitfalls could slow down your listing process and/or ruin a potential deal altogether. (And we don't want that!)

#1:  Wanting to skip or get ahead of the market

You want to hurry up and put the house on the market. And that is a major mistake because you only have one chance to make a first impression. Once that impression is made, it sticks with the buyer. So please take the time to clean your property, walk through the property and look at it through the eyes of the buyer. 

What can you improve? You’ll want to stage the property, do some landscaping, and add some curb appeal. 

Those are very, very important steps that really will pay dividends at the end. 

#2: Want to price the home too high

 We understand that buying and selling a home is an emotional process. You know little Timmy grew up here and you just love your house. Because of that, the house is worth so much money to you.

And whether it has been your home for many years or for a short amount of time, if you made big memories letting go for a lower price than you’d want could be hard.

But for the buyer, they're coming in with no attachments. So, they're going to look at the market data. Especially if they're represented by a professional. That professional will let them know how much they can pay for the house and if it's priced correctly or not. 

You don't want to overprice your property because 2 weeks with no showings or 10 showings and no offers means it’s way too high. Get most of your showings during the first two weeks. So some sellers say, “Well, I just want to test the market and I want to put it really high to see if somebody might give me what I want.” Well, you really are putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If the property is seen by most people in the first week but you have it overpriced, they're just going to skip you. 

By the third, fourth, fifth or any week after that, they don't even want to look at your property even if you lower the price. If you adjust the price, they might come back and look at what the house has. But you will have missed a majority of the buyers or those buyers that were in the market when you first put your house up for sale. They already selected your competition. Remember, you are entering a competition so you want to make sure your house is nice and clean and that you are priced correctly. 

#3: Being present for the showings and for the open houses


This is a tough one. I get the heart of the seller -- they feel no one can sell their house like they can. 

But really put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. If you are present, they don't even want to open the closet doors. They feel like they're intruding in your space and honestly, they start feeling like they can't even see themselves in your house because at the end of the day, it's not their house. It’s your house. Right now it's your house, but you want to sell it to them. So you want to make sure that buyers feel comfortable enough to open everything and find out what they need to know so you can get a sale as soon s possible.

#4: Not working with an experienced realtor 

There are many stages to selling a property from the beginning:  making sure you stage and making sure there's a professional present for your showings. But besides that, there's also a lot of legal work involved when you're selling a property. There are a plethora of disclosures that are necessary and attached to your contract. And that’s one of the simple things an experienced realtor can help you with. Imagine handling it on your own and then having to make sure that you can negotiate times for showings, make sure that you're present, and several other tasks. You don’t have time for that! Let a professional help you and take care of those things. 

Another thing that a lot of people don't know is about 4% of all transactions fall apart after you have a contract. 

So then you have this big hurdle, which is getting the house and the contract, making sure you have it priced correctly, making sure that you have all the legal work all of the disclosures, and then now you finally get it under contract and then what happens? Boom. Your sale falls apart. What do you do? That's why you need an experienced professional working for you. 

Don't let this happen to you. There are sellers who want to try on their own, and while that's okay, I’d suggest that you get a professional. At the end of the day, they should be able to take a lot of the stress away from you and make sure your deals go through! Be sure to subscribe and like our video on YouTube, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



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