October 17, 2018 | Antonio and Jasmin Bradley

As a real estate professional, I get asked by my clients all the time, “Jasmin what must we do to increase the value of our home?” And my number one answer is always improve the value of your kitchen. So, some of the basic common sense things that we often don't think about are simple things like; cleaning your kitchen.

1. Clean Your Kitchen
Have you ever heard the saying, "a sink full of dishes makes your house stink"?  Well, I know that is comical. But it really reminds us that we must keep our house clean. The buyer that comes in as a potential buyer for your property is going to want to see a nice tidy kitchen!

2. Give your kitchen a splash of color with a different type of backsplash. 
So right now, some of the trending colors or backsplashes are either all metallic or you could get a nice blue, light blue is really in right now. Or you can go classical. If you're planning on not being in the house too long, you might want to just pick a neutral color that any buyer would not mind keeping.

3. Transition in your appliances. 
So, a lot of times maybe you bought your house with white or black appliances, but buyers really go crazy for stainless steel. So a good tip would be as your appliances start getting some wear and tear and they start going out of style, you could just replace them one at a time to avoid a bigger dent in your wallet. You can just do one at a time and replace it with something stainless steel which will increase your value and give you a higher chance of selling in the future.

4. Give your kitchen special color by painting. 
It might seem simple, but they really, really work. You might have a bland color right now, maybe like a tan (those are usual colors that new construction like to use or when people are selling they like to paint the house a neutral tan). But a kitchen would probably look better with a pastel yellow where it could be inviting and warm and people would really feel like the kitchen is the heart of the home.

5. Buy a rolling island. 
These are really popular and people really love it whenever they come in! Buyers go crazy for it! But if you look at it as an expense right now, then just think that you can take it with you to your new property. So it doesn't have to stay since it can roll.

6. Hang a nice pot rack. 
If you buy a pot rack, hang it in your ceiling with some nice pans that you may or may not want to use for decoration. It will just really will give your kitchen a flair!

Those are six tips that, even though simple, really can improve and increase the value of your home while only focusing on the kitchen. 


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