October 29, 2018 | Antonio and Jasmin Bradley

Today I’m sharing six tips that will help you increase the value of your property while improving your bathrooms. The bathroom is like the workhorse of the house; it gets a lot of wear and tear. Everybody uses it, including the toddlers. So you want to make sure that as you're living and going through your daily life and routines that you are improving your bathroom and keep in mind this will be one of the main selling points of your property when you decide to sell.
So what are these tips?

  1. Focus on the faucet.
Remember when a buyer walks into the bathroom they want to feel like they’re at a spa; they want to feel like it's a zen atmosphere. So something simple could be updating the faucet. You want to make sure that the faucets are beautiful; people are really into stainless steel right now.

  1. Another thing would be to stage it.
Rolling up towels, making sure that you have candles, are examples of things you could do to stage your bathroom. Even though it's something super simple, it is very attractive to buyers.

  1. Add gold granite or marble this is important.
The Formica is a great material! If your house came with it, that's great. But if you're improving your home so that you can increase the value, then make sure that you go for granite or marble when improving your bathrooms.

  1. Mix overhead lighting.
When it comes to the bathroom you don't want lights in the top. You want to make sure that you frame your mirrors with lights and just think superstar! When women are looking in the mirror in the bathroom, we want to make sure that it's bright and that we don't have any side shadows. Make sure your lighting will light up the entire face and body.
  1. Improve your bath area. 
Simple improvements like adding tile around the shower, even stone or adding water coming into the side will really increase the value of your home. Think about it, if you're not moving right away this is also something that you will really enjoy. When the buyer comes through they will see themselves enjoying it also.
  1. Keep it clean!
Dirt and grime could really accumulate in the cracks, so make sure when you're cleaning you don't skip this step. A buyer is always picky about clean houses!
That’s it! If you’re looking to sell your home soon or already in the process, give these tips a try for your next Open House and listen to buyers admire the improvements!


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