October 10, 2018 | Antonio and Jasmin Bradley

When you’re a homebuyer, especially a first-time buyer, it’s very important to know the best practices so that you can avoid a lot of buyer mistakes. Today, we’re giving you the first stage of the buyer process to help you jump start your home buying in the right direction!

The first step will be to meet with the Realtor. This is an important step because in your meeting with the realtor you will be able to find out if this person is the right fit for you, do you like this person, do you feel like you will be able to trust this person with helping you with your purchase. Another thing that’s going to happen in that meeting is that they will recommend a professional like a lender. They will walk you through the entire buyer process and make sure that you are not blind throughout the process. You may not remember everything that there is to be done, but at least you will have an idea.

This is an important step because the realtor is probably the most important relationship since they are on your side; they are your advocate. They also know everything about the market and what price points are selling, what is not selling, and where are some great areas especially the areas that you want to stay in.
The next step of stage one of the buyer process will be to meet with the lender. In this process, you will need to bring all of your documents pertaining to the lending which will be your bank statement, your social security, and make sure that you fill out your application.

This is an important step because you will get to know how much your buying power is and that way when you go out there you don’t buy a house just to find out it doesn’t work for you because of the lending.
Stay tuned for stage two of the buyer process!


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